Michael O'Mahony – Part 2

Michael O'Mahony explores teenage crushes, anxieties and his experience of living with his parents in Palmers Green. He describes himself in various scenarios but always from the safety of his bedroom, making music that draws on Prince, Grime and Pop but is vulnerable, humorous and distinctly domestic in feel. 

The sequel to Michael's "Early Works" release some years ago, the cassette brings together the 12 big hits that have defined Michael's career so far.
"24 Hours to Go", "Giving Up", "Mucking Around"... It's all here!

6 €

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• 2016-05-21 TN London says:
Grand weekend of Welsh-German partys
"So Stark"
At Chats Palace

• 2016-03-31 Top Nice says:
DJ City has started an intimate record label: LATE NIGHT CITY TRACKS

Check out the first two releases, one from 1-800-Techo and a new EP from himself.

• 2015-12-12 TN London says:
Winter warmer on Saturday:
DJing after The Grubby Mitts and many others at our usual warehouse space by the canal.

This beautiful record free if you buy an advance ticket!

• 2015-12-11 TN Wales says:
Burning Bush & Mixed Feelings DJin in Cardiff at g39.
With Longmeg / Serena Korda — lots more.

• 2015-08-05 TN London says:
Hampus Time and Marx Freud are bringing Raphael Top-Secret from Brussels for his London debut on Friday 4 September. FB event HERE
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