Special Occasion - Confusion

 Collaboration between David C. Gray and Guy Gormley. 

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 TN UK second 12" release is here! 5 rolling tracks of highest calibre! Hand painted snake on cover and hand stamped label. Limited.

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Works 2012-2014


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Paul B. Davis Presents Mr One Hundred

Paul B. Davis Presents Mr One Hundred
Top Nice UK

TN first release on the large format!
4 tracks in which Soca rhythms, West African drum patterns, analog synth arpeggios, 808 trap snare rolls and half step bass are de-constructed, flipped, and re-assembled into compelling tracks with searching emotions and a singular vision.

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Works 2005-2008

Playing live at TOP NICE Festival 2.0 14th of July at Färgfabriken


Early Works

The aim of this compilation is to collect together miscellaneous back catalogue material, which is all unreleased.  It is representative of the variety and chronology of the music I have made and is here to contextualise forthcoming releases.

I started making music with music program demos and a 4-track tape machine, eventually settling on Reason.  My visual art references quite a lot of suburban and domestic things and I do something similar with the music – the samples often coming from children's cassette tapes lying around the house or from computer games and rom-coms. 

Brains – Various Brains Vol. 1

 First release of 2012!

Selected chunks from Brains aka Paul B. Davis' expansive cranium.
Grime, Crunk, Acid all through the filter.

This is the first in in the Top Nice Backcatalogue series– digging deep into the TN members' and friends' past, clearing out the cupboards!

Paul B. Davis - Slowness Is A Habit Mix

Also catch him at TN parties performing ¨The Paul B. Davis Slow Hour¨ on a regular basis
TOP NICE compilation 1

 In The cold winter of 2010 we sent out an SOS to the ever-growing circle of people who enjoy TOP NICE. This is a small but dense selection of slices and arrangements that was received back. 50 copies released in 2010, sold out.

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Svenska pärlor

 Edited and mixed by Carli & Alonzo

Viva – Igår, idag, imorgon
Tredje Mannen – Ser dig nu
Adolphson & Falk – Krafter vi aldrig känner
Freestyle – Kom till mig
Mikael Rickfors - Dancing on the edge of danger
Magnus Uggla – Sommartid
Magnus Uggla – Sommartid (12” version)
Tv3 – Telefonterror
Peter Stridh – La luna
Michael Dee – Nu ska vi opp, opp, opp
Tredje Mannen – Flanör
Ståålfågel – Utan rymddräkt på Uranus
Giant Steppers – Uptown downtown
Madeleine Uzho – Satisfied
Nasa – Take off your clothes
Ståålfågel – En dag på varuhuset
Peter Stridh – Single Girl
Lustans Lakejer – Något måste brista
Cirkus – Amazonas
Lacrosse – Du befaller
Reeperbahn – Förnedringen
Lustans Lakejer – Stilla nätter
Johanna Lundberg – Heta linjen
Cosmic Overdose – Tonight
Ratata – Romantic (non mi ami plu)
Ratata – Ögon av is

50 copies released in 2009, sold out. Now available to download if you press this post!
Late Night in Homerton

 The first mega mix by Top Nice. Recorded in Hampus Time's Homerton studio. Edited by Carli & Alonzo. Buy 10 cans of Kronenbourg 1664 for £10. Guest vocals by the all-time greatest grime man, Jon E Cash! 50 copies released in 2005, sold out. Now available to download if you press this post!