DJ Alonzo - The Cleaning Hour II

 Broadcasted 09:00 29th of April at

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DJ Alonzo - The Cleaning Hour

 Every Monday at 09:30 GMT on 
The Cleaning Hour with DJ Alonzo. First episode available HERE


 Top Nice on NTS for the monthly show! Exclusives from upcoming TN releases. Burning Bush, Enchante, DJ City & Hampus Time in the studio for three hours. 

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Carli & Alonzo - Svenska Pärlor


Edited and mixed by Carli & Alonzo

Viva – Igår, idag, imorgon
Tredje Mannen – Ser dig nu
Adolphson & Falk – Krafter vi aldrig känner
Freestyle – Kom till mig
Mikael Rickfors - Dancing on the edge of danger
Magnus Uggla – Sommartid
Magnus Uggla – Sommartid (12” version)
Tv3 – Telefonterror
Peter Stridh – La luna
Michael Dee – Nu ska vi opp, opp, opp
Tredje Mannen – Flanör
Ståålfågel – Utan rymddräkt på Uranus
Giant Steppers – Uptown downtown
Madeleine Uzho – Satisfied
Nasa – Take off your clothes
Ståålfågel – En dag på varuhuset
Peter Stridh – Single Girl
Lustans Lakejer – Något måste brista
Cirkus – Amazonas
Lacrosse – Du befaller
Reeperbahn – Förnedringen
Lustans Lakejer – Stilla nätter
Johanna Lundberg – Heta linjen
Cosmic Overdose – Tonight
Ratata – Romantic (non mi ami plu)
Ratata – Ögon av is

50 copies released in 2009, sold out.

BORN FREE at Radio Skanstull

Live and direct today 5 to 6 (GMT+1) tune in at

 Listen back to Enchante doing the monthly Top Nice show at NTS radio HERE

TN London now have a monthly show on NTS.
Third monday of the month, 4pm – 6pm GMT.
[next one December 16]

First Show:
November 18 2013
Burning Bush & Cutmaster K
Elof, Jonathan Auman & Kieran Young on his banjo.

Listen to it here
Enchante - Broadcasting From Italia

 Enchante made a mix for Listen to it HERE
Dj City - UniverCity of PerverCity II

 The sequel is here! Made for the new night 'Heta Linjen' in Vårberg, Stockholm.
Dj City - UniverCity of PerverCity

 When u hear this jam, go and grab urself a man. Rock it in New York, L.A even in Japan.

Also check out Dj City's soundcloud page HERE
Sling & Samo - Music not to not to dance to

 Also have a look at Sling & Samo's SOundcloud page HERE
Auto Couture Mixtape

 Mixtape created as part of the Auto Couture art show, including TN members Enchante & DJ City and good friends contributing with music. Linked from Dazed and Confused's SC. You can read more HERE
Doing Time with Hampus Time on NTS

 Listen to Hampus Time's show on NTS radio, it's bi-weekly on Sundays between 1-2 pm. Link HERE!
Molly Nilsson's International Womens Day 2013 mix

 ''Dear Friends and Fans, Sisters and Brothers
Today is March 8 and the International Womens Day. 
This annual event is the commemoration of women's 
accomplishments throughout history, but most
importantly a sign of solidarity with, and reminder of, 
the continued struggle for women's rights, equality and 
justice worldwide. In celebration of this date Molly Nilsson 
has made a new music mix, commissioned by 
Stockholm/London collective Top Nice.''

Portlandia - Feminist Bookstore
Jennifer Warnes - First We Take Manhattan
t.A.T.u. - All About Us (Timofey 2012 Remix)
Leila K - Open Sesame (dance remix 99)
(Equals - James Bond for IWD 2011)
Loredana Berte - Non sono una signora
Ivor Cutler - Women of the world take over
Glenn & Glenn - Hello Comrade
Azealia Banks feat Lazy Jay - 212 
Madonna - What It Feels Like for a Girl (Above and beyond remix)
Janis Ian - At Seventeen
Eva Dahlgren - Ung och stolt
Smart Girls Season 1 - The Feminist
Kanye West & Jay-Z - No Church In The Wild Instrumental
Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It (dub)
Spice Girls - Wannabe (bonus remix)
Thelma & Louise Original Sountrack - The Decision / Ending Scene
M.B. - Psykmix 1.0

Link for the mix below the image.
You can listen further HERE for Maxxxbass own compositions.
Burning Bush Act I

 2 years in the making. 2011-2013. 30 minutes.
Enchante's Loose Trax Vol. 2

 Hosted by Jexpert
Track list: 
1. Enchante & SB - Ostro (forthcoming Greco-Roman)
2. DBX - Beat Freak 
3. John T. Gast - bos 5
4. Omar S - Day
5. Joey Beltram - The Next
6. Omar S - Frontwardsflip
7. Enchante - Kiss Me
8. DJ Rush - On and On
9. Enchante - NT (forthcoming Born Free)
10. Enchante - Blue Lagoon (forthcoming Greco-Roman)
11. Jexpert - Frostoso
12. Michael O'Mahony - Giving Up
Bitch Ass Darius + Mr One Hundred - Hi Tech Soca Mix

 Download it HERE

12" vinyl on it's way -PAUL B. DAVIS PRESENTS MR. ONE HUNDRED-

This is the soca mix you've been waiting for! Over an  hour of classic synthed
 out soca  bangers seamlessly mixed with  Detroit techno,  rave and bass music.
 Featuring huge tunes from artists like Machel Montano and Jeff Mills alongside
 exclusive tracks from the  Top Nice stable. Reknowned ghetto tech DJ Bitch Ass
 Darius  (Databass Records, NES Records)  has brought his frenetic mixing style
 to Mr. One Hundred's soca  productions - and the result is Hi Tech Soca's 100%
 dancefloor pressure!!!

Money back if you find a more hype soca mix anywhere.


Higher than High remix - Brains / Who Dat (instrumental) - JT Money / Hunting - Blaxx  / Roboman - Eclectik  / Joey's Riot -  Mental Mayhem  / I Am Carnival -Blacka Dan ft  Soca Banton  /  H.O.W. Riddim/Donk - Brains  / Illegal - Machel Montano /  Pressure Boom (Roadmix) - Ricky T / Drop the Pressure - Mylo / Axis Jab Jab (Roadmix)  -  PBD presents  Mr. One Hundred  / I Pay For This - Farmer Nappy ft Kerwin DuBois  /  Head Gone - Mr. One Hundred  / Purpose Maker - Jeff Mills  /  Soca Ratchet -  Mr. One Hundred / Down Dey - Sean Caruth  / Expose - El-A-Kru  /  Jumbie (Roadmix) - Machel Montano  / Wine Up On Me remix -  PBD / Palance (Roadmix) - JW & Blaze  /  Doh Drag D Flag (Roadmix) - Shal Marshall / Advantage - Machel Montano / Make a Stage - FayAnn Lyons / Red2 / Art of Dance Gud Money / Bonnie & Clyde - Destra / Sandstorm Riddim - PBD / Get On - FayAnn Lyons / Fetting On - Skinny Fabulous ft Machel Montano / Breathless - Roy Cape ft Blaxx / Up and Away - Pupa Leendi / Where Yuh From (Roadmix) - Kes The Band
Sling - Sound? Check!

 Recording of Sling's weekly soundcheck at Under Bron.
Maxxx and Vero presents: Tales from the box

We went to my sisters country house this midsummer and found in the attic a box full of forgotten compact discs. We made a mix with some of the songs laying in the box.

Including songs from:
The Olivia tremor control, Ulf Lundell, Grace Jones, Pulp, The future sound of London, Tjajkovskij, Billie Holiday, NIN, The Magical sound of the Panpipes plus more...

Rat-See & Alonzo - Zengången

 For all you strezzed out midsummer city people. Muzic and Zen.

Download HERE!


1  Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free
2  Aphex Twin - Xtal
3  Paradis - Je M'en Nuit
4  Silverarken - Carousel Begins
5  Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (PHYSICAL THERAPY Mix)
6  LA Vampires By Octo Octa - Freedom 2k
7  Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
8  Juicy - Sugarfree
9  Wally Badarou - Endless Race
10Aunt Sally - Ubete Surimono
11The KLF - Wichita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard
12Cody CHESNUTT Feat Sonja Marie - With Me In Mind
13Laurel Halo - Constant Index (Actress Violet Mix) 
14Opus III - It's A Fine Day
15Fred Frith - The Welcome
Burning Bush in the RPBLC pt. 3

Another journey wit Bush man. 
Ancient stones stand as silent witnesses to man's old and eternal struggle to satisfy his need of inner power to withstand the hard pressure of the outer world.
DJ City - City Days and City Nights

 The best things in life are free. Like all these tracks for example. 
Sling - Don't Be Afraid (Ta det piano)

 Mix by Sling of italo dance classics from the golden years 1988-1992 + one remix by Sling & Samo. 
Burning Bush visits the RPBLC of Many Voices on NTS Radio

 Burning Bush visits the RPBLC of Many Voices on NTS Radio.
Broadcasted 13th of February 2012 in east London.
Visit the excellent channel here:

Don't forget to tune in! RPBLC of Many Voices every monday 20:00 GMT on NTS.
Alonzo - In tha fridge

 Went into the kitchen and took out some records from the fridge. 
The photograph is me as a kid with my sister.

DJ Sling - Happy New Beat (or Hello Fatherland)

 Mix by DJ Sling of new and old New Beat, including one unreleased song from upcoming EP with Jaakko Eino Kalevi. 
Dj City - Happy City Life

 In the mix at TN HQ - Enjoy!
/DJ City
Yuri Suzuki LIVE in Vilnius

 Yuri Suzuki's live set at Cosmovast Party in Vilnius, Lithuania. Featuring Synthsoulsizer on the microphone. 25/11-2011
Check out Yuri's world here:
Travelling Mixtape

 Listen here!

Maxxx Bass
Vero Veramente
King Sling
DJ Jeks
DJ Samo 
Bertrand Delanowave
DJ City
Burning Bush

made a mix together!

Featured on the russian website Kyky
Ravin with Jahjah

 Mix of old, new and unreleased songs for ravin. 
By Sling.

 Still-Life by Alonzo
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