SHigh - Back To Back feat. Bruno Hibombo

 New video from SHigh! Also listen to them on S.C. HERE
SHigh 'Broke'

 New song from SHigh, you can also listen HERE
T.H.I.N.K.I.N.G (Karaoke Band)

 First single from Sling & Samo's Karaoke Band projekt. Vocals by Burning Bush. Video by

Watch the new trailer for ENCHANTE'S Carzy Way Trax 1 & 2! HERE 

Video by Martin Sassner
Listen to other works by Maxxxbass HERE

TOP NICE New era

Tribute video by Diana Horrorshow with material from the 700+ warehouse party!
Michael OhMyHoney - Giving Up

From the album 'Early works' 
Top Nice Records (c) 2012
Get it for free at the label section on the website
Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Chamber of Love

 Video by L-v-L out now on Sling & Samo's record label Born Free.
Under the bridge

 TOP NICE Under the bridge commercial.
Body Jar

 'No one is born butch. Most of us were born babies' TN sideproject BODY presents BODY JAR.
Enchante - Swaynes Lane

Video for Enchante - Swaynes Lane released on Greco-Roman. North End EP out now.
Boiler Room & TOP NICE

Carli, Jexpert, Enchanté, Burning Bush, Voltron and Paul B. Davis
At Boiler Room in London
TOP NICE on Swedish Television

TOP NICE mixing for one hour on ZTV.
DJ Alonzo, Jexpert and Carli.
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