2017-03-03 TN UK says:
For the launch of Beep’s debut release Pose, come to Grow Elephant to hear them sung live. Paired down. Start the weekend. Merchandise.

Grow Elephant

100 New Kent Road

London SE17 1SL

Free entry

From 8pm
2016-09-10 Le Maquis says:

 New TN sister-night starting in London, Saturday 10 September.
A Dinner/Party but not a Dinnerparty

Senegalaise cuisine & music
DJs until late
Maestro Restaurant, SE8

More info at mttummy.uk
2016-06-14 TN Landan says:
Enchante & Boiling Bush in Basel
June 14

Bar Brut | VITRINE
Volta Zentrum
4056 Basel

1800 – 0000
2016-05-21 TN London says:
Grand weekend of Welsh-German partys
"So Stark"
At Chats Palace

2016-03-31 Top Nice says:
DJ City has started an intimate record label: LATE NIGHT CITY TRACKS

Check out the first two releases, one from 1-800-Techo and a new EP from himself.

On soundcloud
2015-12-12 TN London says:
Winter warmer on Saturday:
DJing after The Grubby Mitts and many others at our usual warehouse space by the canal.

This beautiful record free if you buy an advance ticket!

2015-12-11 TN Wales says:
Burning Bush & Mixed Feelings DJin in Cardiff at g39.
With Longmeg / Serena Korda — lots more.

2015-08-05 TN London says:

 Hampus Time and Marx Freud are bringing Raphael Top-Secret from Brussels for his London debut on Friday 4 September. FB event HERE
2015-05-09 Top Nice Stockholm says:

 Go see TN's sisterclub Body Saturday 9th of May. With: Philipp Gorbachev (Moskow) Patchfinder & Vera Modena (London) FB event HERE
2015-03-28 TN London says:

 What to do on Saturday 28/3? Go to Dance! Hampus Time and Bahamian Moor at Star of Bethnal Green.
2015-03-20 TN Stockholm says:

 DJ City will do a set at this party, support the great record label Klack! link here
2015-03-13 TN Stockholm says:

 TN's sisterclub B0DY Friday the 13th at Under Bron in Stockholm. Visit their webz also here
2015-03-06 TN Stockholm says:

 Vero & Alonzo will be djinnn at Taverna Brillo Friday 6th, do join!
2015-03-06 TN Stockholm says:

 Sling & Samo and their label night Born Free Club. Friday 6th at Under Bron.
2015-03-05 TN Europe says:

 Burning Bush & Alonzo will be djinn in Paris ->
2015-02-26 TN London says:

 Performance by Hannah Perry (followed by Top Nice DJs)
in our favourite warehouse spot. From 7pm
RSVP necessary: http://eepurl.com/be4Ch1
2015-01-30 TOP NICE says:

 Dis friday! Nkisi (Live) & Lexxi will be comin to boddddy :) @ Under Bron

2015-01-24 TOP NICE says:

 Paris - France ! :)
2015-01-02 TOP NICE says:

 First slice of 2015 at BODY :-)
2014-12-25 TOP NICE says:

 Vero and Jexpert are teaming up for a full 5 hour set in Stockholm this jesus related day. Pure energy :-)
2014-12-12 TOP NICE says:

 Emotional live at BODY this Friday! FB event HERE
2014-12-05 TOP NICE says:
Born Free release party and Maxxxbass Techno Camping installation at Under Bron this Friday. 
2014-10-31 TOP NiZE says:

 This friday TN's sister club B0DY is having the first out of six nights. The focus on the first will be DANCE with performances by JaQueline Enough, Willy Do and more TBA. 00:00-05:00 @ Under Bron in Stockholm. Welcome!
2014-10-30 TOP NICE says:

 TN's sister club has just given birth to a new label! Body Records - First release is London based artist Patchfinder and the EP Blood Net. Available on Beatport, Itunes, Spotify and on vinyl via Discogs
2014-10-10 TOP NICE says:
Friday nite in STHLM 
2014-09-13 TOP NICE says:
Welcome to the ÄCiD PLÄNET!
2014-08-27 TOP NICE says:

 New stuff on Born free records.
2014-08-23 TOP NICE says:
Empfänger (DJ Sling & towLie) b2b 2nite @ Trädgården, sthlm
2014-08-11 TOP NICE says:

 TN's sisterclub B0DY presents Junglepussy this Monday 11th of August! First time in Europe? FB event HERE
2014-08-01 TOP NICE says:

 B0DY invites Richard Kennedy Friday 1st of August, listen to his world HERE
2014-07-28 TOP NICE says:

 TN's sisterclub B0dy gives you Poisonous Relationship, lizzen HERE
2014-07-01 TOP NICE says:

 Throwing Shade is performing live at Top Nice's sisterclub BODY! FB event here
2014-06-06 TOP NICE says:
Maxxxbass releasing on Born Free records. Here is one out of 8 tracks. 
2014-05-24 TOP NICE says:

 Yes, how are you? Come to BODY and find out! FB event HERE
2014-05-02 TOP NICE says:

 Disko Dumpling at Bamboo Garden in Stockholm. Our favorite restaurant everyday but also the place where this relaxed night takes place. Visit their soundcloud page HERE
2014-04-26 TOP NICE says:

 TOP NICE will do a little hosting at The Liljevalchs art venue during Stockholm culture night. Live performance by Ectoplasm Girls and dj's. Free entry 18:00-24:00. FB event HERE
2014-04-20 TOP NICE says:
UNDER BRON - SEASON FINALE - SUNDAY APRIL 20th - > DJ Sling will be playing b2b with towLie starting at 11.00. EVENT Here
2014-04-12 TOP NICE says:

 Alonzo and Lap-See Lam will be djinn at the opening for the show with Petra Cortright at Isbrytaren in Stockholm. FB event HERE
2014-04-05 TOP NICE says:

 B0DY TN's sisterclub visits a true basement for a night. FB event HERE
2014-04-05 TOP NICE says:

 Enchante will be djinn at NTS 3rd birthday party. FB event HERE
2014-03-31 TOP NICE says:
Sling playing with Florian Kupfer at Under Bron on Friday in STHLM. EVENT HERE
2014-03-21 TOP NICE says:

 Time for BODY MELTDOWN! FB event HERE
2014-03-15 TOP NIZE says:

 Alonzo & Lap-See will be djinn at the opening for Spirits at Platform in Stockholm. FB event heere
2014-03-14 TOP SLICE says:

 SHigh will do a performance Friday 14th. Check them out on SC HERE. FB event HERE
2014-03-14 TOP NICE says:

Luke Eargoggle (Live) Weltwirtschaft (Live) Momenth (DJ) and Sling (DJ) in the Blue Room at Under Bron, Friday night from 00 to 05. EVENT

2014-03-07 TOP NICE says:
Ron Morelli coming back to STHLM to play with DJ Sling at Under Bron on Friday. EVENT here!
2014-02-15 TOP NICE says:

 BODY TN's sister in HK!
2014-02-15 TOP NICE says:
Sling going back to Villnius.
2014-02-07 TOP NICE says:
Friday night at Under Bron. 
2014-01-17 TOP NICE says:

 City n Alonzo at this TN sister-club, press this star * for FB event